Matt Bingham

IN COLOR | Out June 2nd

Yoga: My experience.

     On July 28, 2012 I took my first yoga class. I was hooked from that day forward. I couldn't even touch my toes, and my whole body felt sore afterward. But I could sense that if I continued exploring this mysterious practice, I could be healthier. I could be happier. 

     It's been almost two years, and it turns out, my sense was right. Through practicing consistently, I started paying more attention to what I ate, how I treated people, and how to calm myself down in tense situations. My body also became much more strong and flexible. I grew up taking gymnastics, and practicing yoga bridged the 12 year gap to feeling flexible and strong in my body again. 

      I could go on and on about how passionate I feel about yoga and how my own life has benefited from it. As a singer, it's improved my range and tone drastically, as well as my confidence in performing and growth as an artist. With this blog, I plan on posting things regularly. My hope is that this offers some inspiration for healthy moves in your own life.